Enabling LLDP on ESXi standard vSwitches

I developed this script based on a post by Shanon Olsson and thought it might be helpful for someone:

# get the list of ports on the vSwitch
ports=$(vsish -e "ls" "net/portsets/$switch/ports")
for p in $ports; do
    # search for the UPLINK flag on the port
    c=$(vsish -e "get" "net/portsets/$switch/ports/${p}status" | grep 'flags:.*UPLINK')
    [ -n "$c" ] && uplinks="$uplinks $p"
for u in $uplinks; do
    # enable LLDP on all the uplink ports
    vsish -e "set" "net/portsets/$switch/ports/${u}lldp/enable" 1