Upgrading Blackberry device software

Your cellular carrier likely isn’t making the most recent version of your Blackberry’s software available to you.  Usually they don’t want to support a newer version, or don’t want subscribers to have access to new features until they find a way to make money from them.  However, if any carrier has a newer version of software, you can have it too.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Google for this: “software download for” welcome site:blackberry.com to find the most recent version of software for your phone.  This may take some searching, as there’s about 50 different carriers.  I have a 7290, and Cincinnati Bell had version, much better than Rogers’ 4.0.2
  2. Download and install the software
  3. Open the file C:Program FilesCommon FilesResearch In MotionAppLoaderVendor.xml in Notepad
  4. Search for the name of the provider whose software you downloaded.  In my case, I searched for “Cincinnati” to find the right section: <vendor id=”0x87″ Name=”Cincinnati Bell”>
  5. Inside that provider’s section of the file (the section ends at the </vendor> line,) find the subsection corresponding to the version you downloaded.  Mine was: <bundle id=”System” version=”″>
  6. Copy that “bundle” subsection in its entirety, which should be 3 lines, like my example:
    <bundle id="System" version="">
    <devicehwid> 0x94000903 0x9c000503</devicehwid>

    If you want to double check that this is really for your device, the file C:Program FilesCommon FilesResearch In MotionAppLoaderdevice.xml has a list of all the hardware IDs with model numbers. My device ID is 0x9c000503, which I can see is included in the line above.

  7. Search for your actual provider.  I searched for Rogers and found this: <vendor id=”0x6B” Name=”Rogers”>
  8. Paste the “bundle” subsection into your provider’s section (above the </vendor> line)
  9. Start the desktop software and plug in.  Your handheld should be upgraded shortly

That XML file keeps track of which carrier is allowed to have a given version of the Blackberry OS.  All I did was say “A handheld from Rogers is allowed to have version if it connects.”