Driver for PC card from a Linksys WET-11 bridge

The Linksys WET-11 bridge, if taken apart, contains a PCMCIA (PC Card) wireless adapter with an external antenna connection, which could be very useful.

Unfortunately it has no helpful identifying marks. On one side there is an FCC ID (PKW-WM11); the other side has a model number (?) of WM302-IJR10, a serial number, and a date code. Do a search for that FCC ID and you’ll get tons of people asking where they can find drivers, and if anyone knows what kind of card it is, etc.

Apparently nobody thought to actually put it into a PC, which I did. Windows can’t find a driver for it, but it does identify itself as a PCMCIA-11M_WLAN_CARD_V3.0. So I did a search on that string, and found that the drivers for a ZyAIR B-100 made by Zyxel will work just fine for everything from Windows 95 to Windows XP.

The software is available here: and I’ve tested the older version in Windows 95, and the newer version in Windows XP. Both work great.

Hopefully Google will lead some weary travellers here. If this has made your day, visit my website and click on an ad!

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  1. Dude, if this works, I will build a web site in honor of your information, and direct them to your site & ads! I’ve been searching for a while for drivers that will make this work, and everyone references dead links and ancient sites that no longer work. I’m definitely willing to give credit where credit is due if your site can help me fix this bloody card.

  2. Hi folks! Same poster as above. The software posted by Mike on this site is the only driver & client that will allow you to connect to your WET11 in the event of trouble. If you have a Version 1 of the WET11, simply open the case by removing the screws, then remove the card and place it in a laptop or PCMCIA adapter. Run the driver and client software, and you will be able to use the WET11 card as if it were any other PCMCIA network card – plug the brass connector back into the board and you will get a wireless signal! I had a problem where the IP configuration for the card got messed up (169.254.*.*) and I could not change the IP info (since you only connect to the WET11 with an ethernet cable) and could not upload firmware updates without a valid IP address. Following this procedure, I was able to plug the card into my laptop, reconfigure its IP address, and then was able to re-flash the firmware. I put the card back in the case, and it works just perfect now. Thank you Mike!!!

    1. Great to know I could help someone out. Anytime I spend more than an hour searching for something, I figure I can’t be the only one looking for this stuff and post it here.

  3. Man:
    You are really good.
    I searched for this driver more than 3 days. I did the same: I opened a broken wet11 and found this PCMCIA card. I tried several ways: by FCC WM302-IJR10. Also by the data WM302-IJR10. I searched on Linksys and no success. Finally I followed the info PCMCIA-11M_WLAN_CARD_V3.0 and I got your link.
    Thank you very much. Now, I want to help my compatriots by translating this info in order to make it available in spanish.

    Gracias por tu informacion. abri un puente inalambrico Linksys WET11 dañado y encontré una tarjeta PCMCIA con FCC WM302-IJR10, Busqué y no hallé nada. También busqué con esta info:WM302-IJR10. Nada. Busqué en Linksys y nada de nuevo. Finalmente seguí los datos PCMCIA-11M_WLAN_CARD_V3.0 que me marcó en mi laptop y así encontré tu liga:

    Gracias mil

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