WhatsUp Gold mobile interface

I created a mobile interface for this network monitoring software, and have made it available for download here. Below is a copy and paste from the original forum posting:

Just like the title says, I’ve got a mobile interface available for Whats Up Gold. Unzip the files into a subfolder of the HTML folder — I suggest C:\Program Files\Ipswitch\Whatsup\HTML\mobile. It would then be accessed by https://servername/mobile/ (note that you need that trailing slash.)

This has been confirmed to work on the built-in web server or IIS, the bundled MSDE or a full MS-SQL server, and WhatsUp versions 11 and 12. Testing in version 14 would be appreciated if anyone has pockets lined with gold and have upgraded.

There’s a config file (mobile_config.inc) for configuring a number of settings. They’re all explained in the file; you shouldn’t have to touch the other files at all (unless you want to.)

Also handy for Firefox when you don’t have all day to wait for the traditional interface to show you what you’re looking for!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. It may be modified and redistributed non-commercially. Any derivative works must attribute the original author and be provided under the same license. Information is available at Creative Commons.

Feature Summary:

  • Simple, low-bandwidth, no-Javascript interface works on all mobile browsers including Blackberry browser
  • List device groups hierarchically along with group state
  • Uses WhatsUp’s built-in authentication system (version 11 only?)
  • Show all devices and child groups as well as state within a group
  • Show device details including a list of monitors, notes, and attributes
  • Enable/disable maintenance mode on a device or group
  • Force immediate polling of a device or group

Post any questions, comments, etc. and feel free to make a small contribution if you feel it’s worth it.

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    1. It’s just another page served up by the WUG web server, so if you can’t get to the regular pages this won’t be any different.

      Although, if you have an internal BES you could be able to configure it to allow access via Blackberry.

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